8 reasons why having an EMT best friend is awesome

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Best friends make life livable. They’re the ones who “get you” better than anyone else. Like family, they’re there for you when you need them and you actually got to pick ‘em. It’s a special relationship that takes on a whole new meaning when your best friend can literally save your life. We’ve compiled the top reasons why having an EMT as a best friend can be a pretty stellar thing.

1. They have a pair of scissors on them at all times.

2. You will hear the craziest stories. Like, really crazy.

3. Can you say “free medical advice”?

4. You don’t need a guest bed, since they’re trained to sleep anywhere.

5. Their sense of direction is unrivaled.

6. Any size cut on any part of your body? They have a bandage for that.

7. Pockets. So many pockets. All of the pockets.

8. Driving with them is never dull.


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