9 signs you and your partner spend way too much time together

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Long shifts. Life or death moments. Small work environment. It’s the perfect recipe to form a tight-knit relationship with someone you work with, but especially between EMT partners. Although, all that time spent together can lead to some very weird quirks. Some of them can only truly be understood by other EMTS.

1. You finish each other’s medical diagnosis.

2. Songs stuck in their head, are now stuck in yours.

3. You’re so much in sync, you have the same heart rate. You know cuz you actually checked.

4. You can tell their mood based off the rhythm of their chest compressions.

5. Your pet names for each other are actually gruesome medical conditions.

6. You know each other’s favorite brand of gloves.

7. You could order each others food from any restaurant, no matter the cuisine. “No pickles. Extra bamboo shoots. Dressing on the side.”

8. The inside jokes are so advanced, you just need to look at each other to crack up.

9. You can tell when they’re close from the sound of their keys clipped to their belt.


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