a brighter future for non-emergency care


At Ambulnz, we have experienced and studied the underlying issues that have held back NEMT for years. We are not willing to look at how things are now and say “why.” We are envisioning how things could be vastly better and are saying “Why not.”

Our mission: to change everything about non-emergency medical transportation through innovation that delivers an unprecedented level of transparency and service for patients and caregivers, while creating exciting career opportunities for EMTs.

Ambulnz innovation is changing expectations, with state-of-the-art technology that improves the way caregivers order medical transports, including accurate ETAs and real-time tracking. Our location-based dispatching system and data analytics are changing fleet management, enabling EMTs to handle increased call volumes — and to carve a path to a sustainable career.

Our technology also enables us to monitor quality of care to ensure patients being transported by us are getting the very best service and proper medical attention, and so that loved ones can worry less about medical transportation, which can be a nerve-racking time for all involved in caregiving.

We already have had a transformative effect on medical transport service in Los Angeles County, where we merged AmeriPride, Impulse and Aegis ambulance services into a unified Ambulnz operation, including implementing our technology platform, upgrading rigs and consolidating separate dispatch centers to a single, state-of-the-art command center.

Operating across Los Angeles as a single entity with a larger fleet enables Ambulnz to be more efficient, which has improved response times by up to 25 percent and increased call volumes for our EMTs, which translates to greater individual control of hours and higher earning capacity.

This is just the beginning since the Ambulnz model is built to achieve greater performance benefits as we grow. As our vision becomes reality, we invite EMTs to join us in transforming the industry.

As the most vital part of our value proposition, Ambulnz is built by EMTs, for EMTs – with a new model that creates a continuous circle of care that flows back to patients.

We understand such changes can create uncertainty as it challenges how things have always been done. Other industries have seen similar changes due to innovation – but have emerged better off, delivering new products or services, better customer experiences and more rewarding work environments.

As Ambulnz grows, we’ll publish regular updates here that provide our perspective on the underlying issues within our industry, our vision for addressing them, and the progress we are making in improving the lives of all people who touch NEMT services.

We ask you to engage with us and provide your perspective on Ambulnz and the industry. And we invite you to be part of the transformation.